Antenna Calibration


Austin EMC calibrates EMC Antennas the following methods:

 The ANSI two antenna method can be used for a pair of identical antennas. In this method half of the total gain of the two antennas are assigned to each antenna.

The ANSI C63.5 three antenna method can be used on dissimilar antennas with more certainty. In this method the three antennas, call them A, B, and C, are tested in three sets of pairs (AB, AC, and BC). The Gain and Antenna Factor are then determined by solving three simultaneous equations representing the three pairs. We can normally supply two of the three antennas needed for the three antenna test.

Antennas can also be tested against known Standard Gain Antennas. Antenna polar gain plots can be performed using Scientific Atlanta Recorders and Positioners. Other procedures are also used for antennas like loops.

We no longer calibrate tuned dipoles using an open field method. Instead we calibrate them by first characterizing the antennas internal balun loss. This loss is then subtracted from 2.15 dBi. The antenna factor is then computed from the gain. This will generally be more accurate than open field antenna calibrations and will be well within .5 dB.

The cost for a Broadband Antenna Calibration is $275 per Antenna.

Call for a quote for other antenna calibrations.